It is an exciting experience to know and feel Las Hurdes, no wonder because the region is considered one of the best natural destinations in Spain and honored as such. From Riomalo Rural Tourism Center we help you to discover our land in depth through a series of experiences, experiences that will put you in touch with its environment and its history, beyond what you undertake by yourself.

Ask us about the region and we will help you to live Las Hurdes according to your concerns. Even more, we will help you to discover its natural values, biodiversity, appearance and traditions. You will feel as great as the environment in the highlands, or very small when you are in the middle of the impressive nature of Las Hurdes.

Experience 1: Roaring of the deer in the rutting season

Time: September-October

Coinciding with the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, the environment of the Alagón is filled with sounds, many of them authentic echoes of a struggle for survival among the deer. Riomalo Rural Tourism Center offers a unique experience through a quiet access to various strategic points on the Alagón, from which it is possible to listen, even to observe the rut in direct.

Experience 2: Guided hikes

Time: All year

From Riomalo Rural Tourism Center we propose routes to explore the region and its history using traditional ways and paths of communication of the inhabitants, reaching the most beautiful and emblematic places of Las Hurdes.

Guided tours by ecosystems of Las Hurdes.

Experience 3: Off-road vehicles routes

Time: All year

The abundance of tracks in Las Hurdes allows access to higher areas in order to obtain huge perspectives on the region, its mountains, valleys and villages. These routes allow any visitor to know Las Hurdes in depth, especially the mountains and valleys, something unthinkable for people with little experience as walkers, with limited time or mobility.

Experience 4: Canoe trips on the river Alagón

Time: Subject to the months with a sufficient level of water in the Alagón

If there is a beautiful and rewarding experience it is to navigate the waters of the Alagón; especially attractive it is to surround the Melero, the famous meander, and continue downstream, towards the reservoir of Gabriel y Galán.

Experience 5: Nature walks and photographic rally

Time: All year

It becomes a great pleasure to follow natural changes throughout the seasons in Las Hurdes. The different blooms and the ecosystem diversity are just some of the possibilities of this experience, which is complemented by the opportunity to see wildlife species of great interest, some protected, as golden eagles, black vultures or black storks, for mentioning some birds. Since the region is a real natural paradise, the biodiversity is an amazing aim for the lovers of this aspect in the interesting environment of  Las Hurdes.

Experience 6: Stargazing

Time: All year

Riomalo Rural Tourism Center offers to amateur astronomers the opportunity to use the telescope located on the terrace of the hostel. The low light pollution in the area is perfect for stargazing.